Huay Xai

12 Jul

I take the nine am bus to huay xai again. I was already missing the bumps and curves of the road. My plan is to take a slow boat down the mekong to luang prabang, stopping one night in pak beng.

Once in huay xai I leave my luggage in a hostel right next to the port. I can’t leave until tomorrow morning, so I walk to the center of town. As in luang nam tha, lots of wild dogs and chickens run all around the streets and houses. I don’t mind the chickens, but wild dogs have been a big problem for me. I am usually already afraid of normal dogs, but here they are also wild and numerous. Many of them are very aggressive, the others are too sick and just lay in the floor scratching themselves. In luang nam tha they just ran and reproduced around the market, here I almost had to throw them my backpack to make them go away…

It’s so hot I stop to have some ice chocolate shake. The place has two confortable sofas and I fall sleep in one for about half an hour. I pay and go visit my first wat (budhist temple). As I hike upstairs I already see many kids cleaning their orange togues and throwing water buckets above their heads. Once up the hill I take a look at the temple. It’s very colorful, mostly gold. Right away some boys come to say hello. I expected them to be quiet, but in a moment I am surrounded by a circle of playful boys in oranges and yellows. I am actually the main attraction. I learn that english is one of ther many subjects, while kung fu is not. They know what internet and facebook is, but they can’t have it. They ask me some typical questions as where I am from. I don’t know if they know where spain is. I begin feeling a stomach and headache, so I go back to the hostel. I scare away some more dogs.

By the time I am in bed I realize I have been sleeping five hours per day, and so the headache. As for the stomachache I am sure is the non drinkable ice from the chocolate shake I just had. As I fall asleep, a big storm appears, all my room shakes. Next door Kai is playing guitar and singing country songs. It’s comforting and moving. I sleep twelve hours.





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