Three days in Luang Prabang

15 Jul

This riverside liveliliy city, bestowed world heritage status by unesco, is a good place to have a break and relax: sleep and eat well, clean some clothes and have some massage. It also has plenty of outdoors activities.

I have enjoyed three days in Luang Prabang. The highlight has been a very cheerful (madness) elephant ride in the tad sae waterfalls, in the nam khan. The waterfalls are not very dramatic but beautiful, and they bring clean light blue water, an oddity in the laosian rivers so far. The elephant was 15 years old (very young and playful) and just a little taller than me. The ride was basically a friendly rodeo. The elephant sank its head, bottom, shaked, and when I fell into the water he came back to touch me with its trunk. It was fun! From the waterfalls we kayaked three hours down the nam khan, including some exciting rapids.

I have also rided the bike to the impressive kuang si waterfalls (30 km south the mekong). At 20 km I had to stop in a village due to a big storm. I came back by tuk tuk, with the bike on its top hitting all the branches on the way.

During the nights I have enjoyed the night market and some of the many cafes and wats in the city. I also have tried the laosian massage, similar to the thai one, basically pressing and stretching, focusing more on body parts than independent muscles.









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