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20 Dec

It really smells like shit. Rotten eggs, to be more precise. Sulfur, to be less poetic. I look around at the three small pools. Almost disgustingly fat guys chat and relax in quite a small space of Turkish style. It’s a bit noisy. I lie in the warm water of the main pool and look up. Blue comets are painted in the high dome and all of them seem to converge to its center. It’s nice when things lead to something, I reflect. I recall the routines in Prague until I bore myself with the same thoughts and the same warm water. I head to the cold pool for a change. Now the smell is not so strong and the steam doesn’t let me see the other people. I sink my head for a minute and the noises become just a dull background. Prague looks very far away now. Budapest is the break I needed and the cold water is its climatic point. As good as it feels, cold also gets boring and I switch to the sauna. The smell of eucalyptus and steam brings back memories of getting over colds as a kid. The stone sofas are too comfortable to think about anything. I repeat the tandem sauna-cold pool until I can’t be more calm. Tomorrow, in Prague, everything will be the same. But not me. I finish my time in the main pool. It still smells horrible and the people are the same, but I couldn’t care less. It’s quite dark in here and I begin to sleep a bit.